Unable to upgrade One Identity SPS from version 7.0.3 to 7.0.4

Hello Sir/Madam,

Upgrade test fails on SPS version 7.0.4. I am running version 7.0.3 on Azure (using a marketplace virtual appliance).

The error says "Mixing legacy and synthetic interfaces is not supported"

Thanks and Regards

Parul Gupta

  • Hi,

    We have seen this issue was resolved by disabling Accelerated Networking for the SPS VM in Azure

    To resolve this issue please do the following:
    1. stop the VM
    2. execute the following command at Azure CLI:

    az network nic update --name <nic_name> --resource-group <resource_group_name> --accelerated-networking False

    - Make sure to use the correct <nic_name> and <resource_group_name>
    - Reference command:

    3. start the VM
    4. retry upgrade