SPP windows license - SPS OS for the VM

Hello Tawfiq, i just want to be sure for our new customer that everything is always the same, for the OS and license perpectives.

We need to install SPP 7.4.1 and SPS 7.4

we need Windows 10 LTSC license (that could be Enterprise or Pro or something else). The question from the customer is if it is possible to use a win server 2022 datacenter license that they have it yet (they don't have a windows 10 LTSC license)

so can you confirm me that the only one license that works properly is windows 10 LTSC or there is come othe possibility?

also, for SPS it is necessary to creare a vm with ubuntu 64 bit OS or is it possible to use another distribution?

is it the only one OS that works properly?

thank you very much

i wish you a great evening

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