Pending Password Reset

I have a user that is receiving Pending Password Reset when he tries to request a password from a service account how can I correct this

  • Hi Chris,

    There are several reasons why an Account Passwords could be pending reset:

    1. Password was not changed: if this is a one off situation, you can force a password change on the account to clear the pending password reset

    2. Account Discovery is taking a long time to complete and causing Password change task to be cancelled, we have fixed this issue in the latest versions of SPP, recommend you to upgrade when possible.

    3. Password change is failing, you will need to investigate the Asset connection to make sure SPP can communicate with the Asset that is hosting the account in question, perform a password change and review the task logs to see why the password change is failing for this account.

    4. You can also try a reboot of all SPP appliances as a troubleshooting step as well.

    In most cases, if you are not running the latest version, an upgrade would be suggested then monitor if the issue recurs. We have an upcoming release next month version 7.0.5 LTS and 7.5 feature release which would help improve password changes.