Desktop player network error


referring to article:

We have the same issue in version: v7.5

when trying to play the audit trails from SPP activity center, we get network error - communication error (host is unavailable)

the downloaded .zat file has 0 KB size and couldn't be played.

Newer desktop player v1.12.16 is installed

please recommend a solution for that issue to allow auditors to access saved audit trails from SPP portal.

  • Hi,

    This issue will need a bit of troubleshooting which is more suitable to be submitted via a support service request.

    Run the Desktop Player using the command below:

    if using Windows, navigate to cd "C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\Safeguard\Safeguard Desktop Player"
    - Replace {USERNAME} with the actual username logged into Windows.

    player.exe --log-level 7 --log-output desktop-player.log

    - Reproduce the issue

    - Create a support bundle from SPS appliance and upload it along with the desktop-player.log to the support case.

    - It may also be helpful to capture the the network trace from the browser client via Developer tools while attempting the playback of the recording from SPP Portal and export the har file.

    - Include screen shots of the error and session id of audit trail