API Call to GET 'Users to Entitlements'


I have successfully integrated my IGA service with the SPP.

One thing I would like to do is to show the various SPP Entitlements that each user has been allocated.

I cant find any call in the swagger api call list that has this.

If you are running a certification of SPP Safeguard users, you would want to show which Entitlements they have, so they can be certified.

Can anyone provide some info on this?


  • The Swagger Core API has the following endpoints that may help show entitlements in SPP:

    - Reports:
    GET ​/v4​/Reports​/Entitlements​/UserEntitlements​/Summary

    - Roles:
    GET ​/v4​/Roles
    GET ​/v4​/Roles​/{id}​/Members


  • HI there,

    Thanks so much. Why are they called 'Roles' in the API but 'Entitlements' in the UI? It would help if the terms were consistent.

    Also, User Permissions (what I would call Roles in a standard app e.g. Auditor). Are they 'Security Roles' or 'Admin Roles' in the API?

    It's all a bit confusing.

    Thanks for your time

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    Roles in the API is used for the entitlements in this case which grant access to passwords or sessions for example.

    To check what entitlements the user belongs to, you could use: GET​/v4​/Users​/{id}​/Roles

    On the other hand, User permissions in the Web UI under User view > permissions tab, these are SPP Admin roles to manage SPP. 

    User permissions can be viewed in the API in the output of GET​/v4​/Users as AdminRoles