information retrieval via API

is there a way to retrieve the SCOPE tab (Entitlement --> ARP --> SCOPE) information by querying specific APIs? Which ones?

in that TAB there is no export button and i need to know if it is possible with APIs.

thank you so much for your help!

  • Hi Dario,

    You can use this call under the Roles endpoint to get the ID of the Entitlement 


    you can filter by: id,name
    - which will give you the list of ids and names of all entitlements

    Then use the following call to the ARPs of that entitlement and the response here will include the ScopeItems for each policy


    you can filter by: name,ScopeItems
    - which will give you the name of ARP and scope items of that policy


  • GREAT!!! Simply GREAT!! This answers exactly what i need. That's fantastic! Thank you for your "gold" help