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In the appliance SPP:  Appliance Management -> Appliance -> Licensing we have a license which counts 11/50 users and that number doesn't refresh either if we add users on SPP or if we remove some. 

May you explain please why this behaviour?

Thank you for your collaboration


  • Hi Alfredo,

    What version of SPP are you running?

    We have updated the License count feature in the SPP feature release branch in versions 7.4 and above. Currently the latest is 7.5 as of this post.

    If you are running an 7.0.x LTS release, I would upgrade when the next major release 8.0 LTS becomes available as it will include these updated features from 7.x feature branch.


  • Hello!

    We are running the version 7.3 indeed so this might be the reason I guess.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hello,

    so how does it basically work this count feature? 


  • The release notes mentions the following for the enhancement:

    License count estimation was improved:

    • Easy visibility of SG license usage and consumption.

    • Accurate counts of all managed and unmanaged components of SG.

    • Concise information on each license type and component.

    • Centralized Safeguard Licensing Dashboard with improved readability and visibility.


    Example for Password Management License screen for User License type, you will see four tabs (General | Users Used | Password Vault Only | Other Users)

    General Tab:





    Password Vault Only




    What do these numbers mean?

    Granted - The allowed number of users granted by the license.

    Used - The number of users counted toward the license.

    password Vault Only - The number Of users that have been given access to the personal

    password Vault and that are not included in a security policy and are not admins Or owners

    Of partitions, assets, or accounts. These are not counted toward the license.

    Other - The number Of users not counted in other numbers. These are not counted toward

    the license.

     How are users counted?

    A user is counted toward the license if all of the following are true.

    • The user has logged in at least once.

    The user is not deactivated.

    The user is not deleted.

    The user is not a system-owned user.

    One of the following is true.

    • The user is assigned to a security policy.
    • The user has an admin permission.
    • The user is an owner of an account, asset, or partition.



  • Thanks a lot for your precise and punctual answer as always!

    Have a great day.


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