Connecting to a Azure Vm through One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Session

Hi there,
we are trying to understand if is possible to gain access to a vm hosted on Azure by SPS with priviliged account stored in SPP.
It doesn't seem to be any documentation on this subject.
There is any solution or documentation?

  • Hi Alfredo,

    Yes this is possible as long as SPS can communicate with target VM (For RDP need 3389 access by default and if SSH need 22 access by default)

    The same rules apply regardless if the target asset is in Azure or onPrem, for sessions to work the client need to access SPS and SPS need to access the target server on the required ports based on the protocol used.

    For example:

    RDP Client > SPS 3389 > Target Asset 3389

    SSH Client > SPS 22 > Target Asset 22