• Creating RHEL asset with imported SSH key using Safeguard-PS

    Dear Support, community

    What we'd need to do is importing (creating) a new Red Hat (RHEL) asset in Safeguard, using Safeguard-PS (because we're speaking of numbers in the hundreds here, so we can't do it manually through the GUI.

    We have already…

  • Seeking Solution: SPP Entitlements and User-to-Server Access Mapping Issue

    I've encountered a challenge with entitlements in SPP concerning user-to-server access mapping. With our configuration, individual domain accounts are set up to grant access to particular Windows Servers. However, when a user initiates a new request within…

  • Add an Active Directory Asset - in 6.0.10 SPP

    Hello Safeguard Experts,

    I am adding an Active Directory (Product) Asset, and I have a very basic question. My client's Active Directory domain is not discoverable by the domain name. And I don't see a field where I can enter an IP address.


  • Private Key ssh connection error

    • A new user has been generated and the ssh keys have been created for that user with the ssh-keygen tool.
    • I have created an asset of a Linux Ubuntu machine.
    • When I put the previously created user and import the private key as authentication method I get…