• 3 nodes SPP cluster linked to distinct 2 nodes SPS clusters


    i want to ask if this kind of configuration is possible.

    i want to configure an environment made of an SPP cluster (made of 3 nodes).

    Then, i want to link this SPP cluster with multiple SPS clusters made of 2 nodes each.

    Can i link multiple Central…

  • cluster upgrade order


    I have a cluster consist of 3 sps. 1 central management and search master node and 2 others are managed host and minion search nodes.

    Could you please guide me for upgrade from 6.11 to 6.12 ?

    which node should i upgrade first , minion nodes or search…

  • Safeguard for Privileged Sessions (SPS) in multi-data centre cluster (geo-cluster) configuration seems unstable


    Has anyone successfully used SPS servers (what were the Balabit Session Control Boxes) configured in a cluster between different data centres?

    We are having issues with the stability of the cluster connections (which use IPsec tunnels) using SPS…