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Radboud University cuts enrollment time by 50 percent

Identity Manager differentiated itself from other solutions due to its completeness — it allowed a single product to tackle all of the issues we face, on both a provisioning level and a governance level.

Jos Groenewegen, Senior Manager, Radboud University

Radboud University, one of the leading academic communities in the Netherlands, is also home to several research institutions and is affiliated with one of the largest academic hospitals in the country. As a result, IT staff must manage a large and constantly changing user population of over 45,000 individuals. Radboud chose Identity Manager to effectively manage the complex user personas while controlling access to sensitive data according to ever-changing legal requirements.

  • Enabled quick response to changing legal requirements and new technologies
  • Delivered both provisioning and governance in a single solution
  • Reduced enrollment time by 50 percent, from 2–3 days to just one
  • Simplified governance by merging multiple roles into a single identity
  • Reduced risk by ensuring users have only the access they need

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