Create Workflow with input form for collecting input data

Hello All,

I am relatively new to AR, and I have to create a worklow for new users. If the User is created, a multi admin workflow should start. Initialision of the workflow is clear for me. Now the challenge, where I did not know how to achieve this goal?

The workflow should forward an request to an admin, which provides a phone number for the new User (posssible solution an input form). After providing this, the workflow should go to another adimin, who also types in AD Attributes and so on. At the end of the workflow a final approver should check the input from the others, and if ok, the AD Attributes should be set after approval from last approver.

Now my question, how can I achieve this? Are there existing forms for this input data, and how are this attributes are saved in the forms during the running workflow? I searched OneIdentidy Support KB and also searched this forum, but could find an appropriate possible solution.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this? Any help will be welcome!

Many Thanks in advance!