Policy set up for groups

Currently i'm trying to set up a group kind of like i have a user policy set up

this group will show TEST_ by default so any time they type in information it will show TEST_groupname

I thought it would be alot easier but when i set it up it only shows validates instead of generate.

does anyone have any other issues regarding this? or should i contact the service desk?

  • Hi Gregory

    Yes, it is possible to create an Administration Policy which would default the name of a group to be "TEST_". To implement this against name (CN) I'd do the following:

    1. Create a new Administration Policy (or modify an existing Administration Policy)
    2. Add a new Policy:
      1. Type: Property Generation and Validation
      2. Controlled Property of a Group (group): name (cn)
      3. Policy Rule:
        1. 'Name' must be populated
        2. 'Name' must be <value> (generates default value), value list should include:
          1. TEST_
          2. {*}
        3. 'Name' must not be: TEST_
        4. 'Name' must begin: TEST
    3. If a new Administration Policy link to the appropriate OU/Mangaged Unit
    4. Test

    The policy rules do the following:

    1. under A, we're saying the value must be populated, which is true anyway.
    2. under B, the policy rule is going to generate the (see populate) the property with a value, our first rule says "TEST_", so it will default to that value
    3. under C, I've said the name must not be TEST_, this is to stop people trying to create a group just called TEST_
    4. under D, I've also said the name must begin with TEST_, this is to prevent them from creating any name group. Technically, we could modify the {*} rule to be TEST_{*} to do something similar

    This would result in the following

    Hope this helps