Policies for Custom Form on the Web Interface


So I have been "handed" a website that uses the Active Roles Server software and I was curious on if anybody could shed some light on how policies are incorporated within a custom web form. Our company has created a form that allows admins to create new users on the front end, and I see on the back end (the ARS console) that it runs various scripts and validations of input fields that the admin fills out for this newly created user. I guess my dumb question is how would I determine when these scripts/validations are being run? Where are some good places to look for trying to figure out what this form does?

My main concern being is that I am not sure that for every step in this form, the scripts are running in which causes performance issues between the tabs. (This custom form is really slow and I have been tasked to try to speed things up.)

Thank you kindly.

  • Policies and their associated scripts are generally linked to OUs.  In more modern implementations, they may also be event driven by way of AR workflows.  If you browse your AD using the AR MMC, look at the lower right pane's Policy Tab and you will see what policy objects are linked to the various OUs.  You will then have to examine the contents of these Policies (Configuration | Policies | Administration).  Here you will likely find a mix of out-of-the-box policy rules and possibly references to policy scripts which are in turn located under Script Modules.