Set visibility of an entry in a form through PowerShell script

Hi everyone,

We have built a custom form in which fields are populated through a PowerShell script, ARS runs this script as you are opening the form.
It is used to provide a view of bought Office 365 licenses by each of our subsidiaries local IT teams.
Each licenses are grouped on form tabs, for example: Office 365 Enterprise tab (for E1/E3/E5), Dynamics 365 tab (for all related Dynamics 365 licenses), etc.

Is there a possibility to set an "isHidden" property for form tabs and/or entries through PowerShell ?
The idea is to dynamically hide tabs and entries if the current company did not bought licenses.
The PowerShell script get this information. It could run tests on values and set useless tabs/entries hidden.
This will IT teams a clearer view.

For example:

  • SUB-A bought E1, E3, PowerBI Pro and Dynamics 365 for Operations licenses, so they will see:
    • Tabs: Office 365 Enterprise, PowerBI, Dynamics 365
    • Entries: Office 365 E1 Licenses, Office 365 E3 Licenses, PowerBI Pro Licenses, Dynamics 365 for Operations Licenses
  • SUB-B bought only E3 licenses, so they will see:
    • Tabs: Office 365 Enterprise
    • Entries: Office 365 E3 Licenses

Thank you.