• Quickconnect Deprovision from DB2 Table to Active Roles

    Source System: DB2 Table

    Destination: Active Roles Server

    I have the synchronization service read data from a table. This table is formed by user submission to deprovision accounts. From the sync server, I send a deprovision job over to Active Roles…

  • Unable to create Mailbox for newly created users using New QADUser command

    I would like to create Exchange Mailbox using powershell script using New-QADUser. In Script, i used few virtual attributes like 'edsva-MsExch-MailboxType'=1;'edsva-MsExch-ApplyEmailAddressPolicy'='TRUE';'edsva-MsExch-ArchiveMailboxEnabled'='FALSE' .…

  • Create Exchange User Mailbox - Quest Powershell

    Hi guys,

    I'm just looking to see if it's possible to create an exchange user mailbox using Quest AD Shell module within Powershell? I'm not familiar with QAD module and it's commands.

    In our current environment there is an option to "Create…

  • Running Workflows in parallel? Is this possible?

    Hello All,

    my customer asks, if it is possible to run workflows in parallel? If a new User is created, different attributes should be set by different people (e.g. mobile number, Telephone number ertc.). And it make no sense to set the telephone number…

  • Active Roles installation.


    This surely a silly question but is there a way to install and testing Active Roles in our infrastructure without making any changes to it during the installation?

    I know there is a free virtual trial option but was wondering if I can install it without…

  • Setting Virtual Attribute on the fly when user Properties are opened

    Hey Everyone,

    First post and still quite a newb with Active Roles so don't mind the brief ignorance you may see :)

    Basically my end goal is to make a Tab in the web interface User Object properties window only visible when a virtual attribute is…

  • Upgrade ARS 6.8 and Upgrad Server OS and SQL-Version - All in one step possible?

    Hello All,

    I have to upgrade ARS from Version 6.8 to an up-to-date Version. And I also have to update the Server OS and SQL-Version. For my understanding of the ARS update path document I first have to update to Version 6.9 before I can go to Version…

  • Working with group changes using Powershell


    Are there any example scripts floating around that show how to interact with changes made to groups using the script modules?

    I am fairly familiar with working with User objects and "onPreCreate", "OnPostCreate" etc, but I don't have any examples…

  • Using SET-QADUser to change CN attribute


    I need to update a bunch of users names to title case (John Smith). Currently everything is upper case.

    Set-QADUser -Identity "john.smith" -DisplayName "John Smith" -ObjectAttributes @{cn="John Smith"}

    Using the command…

  • UnDeprovision In ActiveRoles Sync Engine


    So I can see in the Sync Engine workflows (Old QC)  we have the ability to deprovision a user. we can deprovision if the user doesn't exist in the CSV file.. or trigger a Deprovision based on Field if we are pulling from SQL.

    However, I don…

  • ARS Scripts to PowerShell


    I am for some reason uninstalling ARS. But keeping the ARS scripts as they are still in work. So how do I convert ARS scripts in to PowerShell Scripts? Or is there any way to run the ARS Scripts Without ARS?



  • Workflow: Adding a user to a specific group and execute a script


    I want to create a workflow when a user is added to a specific security group (groupname "TestGroup") and than execute an action. What I already have is:

    1. Create the new Change Workflow (Done)
    2. Configure the Workflow Options and Start…

  • ARS Quesry Based Distribution Group

    Is it possible to create a query based distribution group where the LDAP query compares two attributes and adds a user to the group if they are not the same?

    The two attributes that I want to compare are 'mail' and a virtual attribute 'edsvaFirstEmailAddress…

  • Meeting Room objects are timing out

    Hi Experts,

    We have an issue to view any meeting room objects from ARS console or Web interface, either it takes too much time to load or it timeout.

    We have a hybrid Exchange environment 2010/2013, and Active Roles 6.9

    Does anyone have any ideas ? 

  • Inactive Users Deprovisioning - Filter not working


    I have a workflow that finds inactive user accounts, this has two filters to exclude accounts that have "NODEL" in the comment filed, OR the account password is set to never expire, but the password expiration filter does not seem to be…

  • Workflow - How to set an attribute to the secondary owner's e-mail address of workflow target?

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know how I can set an attribute of my choice, to the e-mail address of the secondary owner of the workflow target? 

    So far, I have the following: 

    >>Operation execution: Create User; where secondary owner of workflow target is not…

  • whenever a new user is being created and added to a particular AD group it should auto send mail

    whenever a new user is being created and added to a particular AD group it should auto send mail...

    ARS v7.2.0 

    AD is 2008 R2

    Exchange 2007

  • Add script to specific user attribute


    I'm trying to add a script to users attributes that will generate a 8 digit pin every 24 hours.

    We  have the script ready to go and will set it up in a scheduled task however,  I am having trouble linking the script to the specific attribute…

  • QARS Workflow/Policy Script to capture onPostModify of the mail attribute for a user and then write user's employeeID and mail attribute to a CSV file for export to our Workday HR system

    I need to implement a workflow/policy script that triggers onPostModify of the mail attribute, both for new users and changes to the mail attribute of existing users, and writes the user's employeeID and mail attribute to a CSV file and uploads it to…

  • Add-qadpermission -extendedrights

     Good morning,

    So I have a bit of an issue, I'm currently trying to script the entire lock down of AD

    Access Applies to Permission
    Allow  This object and all child objects Create user
    Allow  user Write userAccountControl
    Allow  user ExtendedRight…
  • Active Roles 7.2.1 and Collector public hotfix (KB 250838)

    Active Roles 7.2.1 public hotfix is now available on the Support portal (KB 250838).


    This hotfix package addresses several issues with Active Roles 7.2.1 and the Collector and Report pack.

  • How can I stop ARS from detecting my on-premise exchange environment? I do NOT want any mail options available at all.

    Currently using ARS 7.2.1 in a hybrid environment with on-premise Exchange and O365.  ARS is currently detecting the on-prem exchange environment and causing a few minor issues.  Is there a way to stop ARS from detecting the on-prem exchange environment…

  • Change/replace SIP address from the edsvaOffice365-UserID field

    Ill start off by saying I am a complete novice

    I would like to change user SIP address with the field edsvaOffice365-UserID

    Id also like to be able to update this by OU if possible

    I am using Quest Commandlet to pull this information. Get-QADUser -SearchRoot…

  • Active Roles 7.2 Language Pack is now available

    The Active Roles 7.2 Language Pack is now available for download here:


  • Home Folder provisioning

    Hi, I'm very new to Active Roles. Trying to figure out a way to provision Home Folder for users.

    We cannot put all our users in one share folder, we have over 40,000 home folders and can be a nightmare to manage. As of now, our provisioning team manually…