Running Workflows in parallel? Is this possible?

Hello All,

my customer asks, if it is possible to run workflows in parallel? If a new User is created, different attributes should be set by different people (e.g. mobile number, Telephone number ertc.). And it make no sense to set the telephone number from one person via approval, and then start setting mobile number from another person after the approval from the first person.

It is possible to split the workflow in parallel streams, meaning after creation of the user two parralel approval streams are opened, one for the telephone number, and one for the mobile number? Or does anybody have an idea, how to prevent waiting time in serial approvals? Many thanks in advance!

Best Regards Markus

  • Hi Markus

    In a single Workflow no, as a workflow are sequential task rather than parallel. 

    However depending on your use case, there are a number of different options available to you.

    Use Virtual Attributes set within your Create User workflow to trigger separate workflows to the approver for telephone, and approver for mobile. IE:

    Create two none stored VA's against user objects says:

    • edsvaMobileNumberRequired
    • edsvaTelephoneNumberRequired

    Within your existing Workflow, remove you're approval steps (for the telephone and mobile number steps

    Create two new workflows, executed on Modify of a user object where a property has changed (on should be set be edsvaMobileNumberRequired and the other for changes to edsvaTelephoneNumberRequired.

    Within these separate workflows, add your approval step for the relevant approver.

    These are other things you can do, but would depending on what your use case is.