Cross domain members don't inherit group delegated rights


I have two ARS managed domains which are in the same forest. Let's pretend domain1 and domain2.

I also have two groups, domain1\read-domain1 and domain2\read-domain2 which have the rights "All Objects - Read All Properties" respectively applied on the root of domain1 and domain2 for all their subtree.

When I add a user domain1\john.doe in the group domain1\read-domain1, then the user inherits the rights applied to this group as expected.

But when I try to add this user domain1\john.doe in the group domain2\read-domain2, the user doesn't inherits the rights. In addition:

  • the group doesn't appear in the "Member Of" tab of the user although the user appear in the "Members" tab of the group
  • the Delegated Rights tab of the user is not showing the rights associated with the group

I already applied the instructions of the article "Group Membership tab is not showing members from other domains (65359)":

Any idea what could be causing problem?

By advance, thank you for your answer.