• Managed Unit view only

    Hi all,

    I am relatively new to ARS and tried to set up a MU with explicit permission to some groups, this worked well and I have added the specific group with builtin "Managed Units View" and "Group - Read all Properties" access.

  • I want to create computer objects without accessing the ARS console

    I tried with the below code but it gives error.

    powershell.exe -command New-QADComputer -Name <Name of the new computer> -ParentContainer "<OU-Copied the distinguishedName of an earlier computer object from the AD>" -ObjectAttr…
  • Integrating ARS with source control (git)

    Morning all,

    Currently within ARS, you write sript modules of various types and trigger them via policies, schedules, events, etc. Those scripts however must live within the ARS environment, specifically written in the inline script window ARS provides…

  • Undo Deprovision with Workflow fails due to defect.. Work around?

    It seams UndoDeprovison is not possible in a work flow when you have Quest Change auditor integration.

    See this KB for details: UndoDeprovision with Workflow fails with error "Specified method is not supported" if Change Auditor Deprovision policy is applied…

  • Stale User Deprovision and Undoing deprovision

    I have a workflow that runs ever night. It will automatically deprovision any user with a certain timeframe of inactivity. Every now and then, a user does attempt to use their account and we have a process to undo the deprovisioned status in place. However…

  • Prevent ARS from Reusing Usernames

    We have several 3rd party systems that do not allow for usernames to be reused. However, our current setup with usernames in ARS allow for the usernames to be reused once the account is deleted from AD. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can prevent…
  • Getting msExchRecipientDisplayType values via $dirObj, returns a System.__ComObject reference, not the integer.

    I am writing a powershell policy script to detect remote mailbox types (EXO), ARS is not connected to Azure.

  • -OR condition not working in IF statement

    The script only seems to be working if the first condition is met. It is not working if the User2 is met.  ($Session.Username -ne "user2") Is there some reason why the -OR isn't working in the IF statement. Any ideas?

    function onGetEffectivePolicy…

  • Any possibility to import configuration from 6.9 to a non-newly created 7.4 database ?

    Dear All,

    We built a new ARS farm of 2 servers in 7.4 using 2 mutualized databases (one for config and one for history) 6 monthes ago.

    Our old farm in 6.9 is still in production and we made some changes on it during these 6 monthes (Policies, dynamic…

  • Export All Dynamic groups with its membership rules

    Hello Guys,

    I'm in need of a powershell script to get all dynamic groups in our environment with the membership rules. 

    I can get the list using the below script but the membership rules i get is the membership rules plus GUID & SID of the OU's with…

  • try catch not working

    I wrote a custom powershell script and have it run in a workflow.

    I'm having an issue with the try catch statement. If I remove try catch and just run the command inside the try method, the workflow executes fine. However, when a try catch is added,…

  • ARS: The specified Domain is not available for Management. The specified Domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.


    I've installed ARS on a on a separated Domain and now try to add managed Domains in other non-trusted Domains. All ports form the ARS documentation are open against the specific Domains, but I am still facing the error that the Domain can't be contacted…

  • When launching ActiveRoles74, we receive the following message. Cannot retrieve the Two-Factor Authentication configuration information from the Active Roles Administration Service. This is new installation of 7.4 on new server with new database.

    We have installed version 7.4 on a new server connected to a new database. When launching the ARS console, we get the following message.

    Cannot retrieve the Two-Factor Authentication configuration information from the Active Roles Administration Service…

  • ARS Script Wiki and Best Practices. Still existing on Quest Website? Or only dead links to Dell Software?

    Hello All,

    I have to implement a solution, where I have to use Workflows with partly User Input and also getting Workflow information in Scripting (prefered PowerShell). I searched these forum for Knowledge about it, but I could not find much. And the…

  • Setting Virtual Attribute on the fly when user Properties are opened

    Hey Everyone,

    First post and still quite a newb with Active Roles so don't mind the brief ignorance you may see :)

    Basically my end goal is to make a Tab in the web interface User Object properties window only visible when a virtual attribute is…

  • Upgrade ARS 6.8 and Upgrad Server OS and SQL-Version - All in one step possible?

    Hello All,

    I have to upgrade ARS from Version 6.8 to an up-to-date Version. And I also have to update the Server OS and SQL-Version. For my understanding of the ARS update path document I first have to update to Version 6.9 before I can go to Version…

  • ARS background process

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to know what background process does ARS do to provision objects to AD. Is it LDAP or any scripts that it run in background.



  • ARS V6.9 and V7.3.1 certificates installation


    We have an ARS 6.9 installation and the certificates were installed locally on the server(s).  Question, can we use the load balancer as the certificate holder? I heard ARS requires certificates to be installed locally only?

    Also, can someone provide…

  • Create secondary alias in à create mailbox policy


    I want to be able to add a secondary email adresse @domaine.mail.onmicrosoft.com to all my new user account so that I can migrate them to my Office365 during the night.

    I have a policy that creates new exchange account.  I tried to add a new secondary…

  • Populate dropdown menus using an ARS policy


    I'm looking for a way to update an ARS policy via a schedule. 

    At the moment we populate dropdown menus in IAM Websites using onGetEffectivePolicy but it slows down accessing a user object (13 seconds to open). Adding the values to an ARS policy…

  • Active Roles User Provisioning

    Dear All,

    1. How does ARS provision users from ARS to AD. I mean what scripts does it run or what method does it run when a user click on submit button for user creation.

    2. How does ARS decide, in a domain which AD should it provision the objects (users…

  • Application Pool stops - No IIS Worker Process - Event ID 5009 with exit code c0000135 - http 503 error - Fresh Install ARS 7.3.1

    Having followed the instructions and prerequisites, we cannot get the websites on our fresh install of ARS 7.3.1 to work. We have matched our install to an existing install that works. We have the correct .NET Framework and copied all of the settings…

  • Using a custom password generation script


    I would like to use a custom password generation script written using powershell.

    The custom script is essential just a copy of the default, but I swapped the "New-Password" function with my own and then deleted some of the other checks the default…

  • Group manage self service

    Hi all,

    I'm struggling with setting up self service for users to manage groups. What I have done is on OU (where are my groups) add permission to "authenticated users" template "self - Group manage". On other OU where are users - template "users - list…