Quickconnect Deprovision from DB2 Table to Active Roles

Source System: DB2 Table

Destination: Active Roles Server

I have the synchronization service read data from a table. This table is formed by user submission to deprovision accounts. From the sync server, I send a deprovision job over to Active Roles. This works with no issues. However, I would also like to trigger a workflow and retrieve data from the DB2 table and write it to certain attributes prior to deprovisioning the account.

Does the sync service send all the table data from the db2 query that Active Roles can call, or does it only send a deprovision command to the user object in question?

If sync service is able to send all the data in the table, how do I retrieve the data in the active roles workflow to perform an action?

Example table from db2 will include the following:

First Name

Last Name


Unique Request ID