Error while undo-deprovisioning users

I got ARS upgraded to 7.4.3 upgraded to our test environment, during testing i found out i get an error while doing a undo-deprovionsing user from the Disabled Users - deprovionsined users container

The error says 'Built-in Policy - Dynamic Groups' failed to manage the group membership list. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I'm not sure if its related to the upgrade & maybe something prior i didn't notice, also i dont get this error if i deprovision an active user & then do undo-deprov. I tested the policy from the Prod one & nothing has changed. Also this is not happening with all users in the Disabled Users - deprovionsined users container but few of them, i'm randomly testing this function to see they work on some users & not on the others. Anyone suggestions please  Active Roles Community