New-QADUser cmdlet Issue when logging the account creation event

So when using the new-qaduser cmdlet, see below, The Event Log for event 4720 on the DC its connecting to to create the user account shows:

Security ID: Domain\testing3
Account Name: $2RG100-UU7PKQ1Q51GA
Account Domain: Domain

SAM Account Name: $2RG100-UU7PKQ1Q51GA

Any clue as to why it is adding in this $gibberish value?

Command being Ran:

New-QADUser -ParentContainer "OU=OU,DC=Domain,DC=local" -Name "Testing3" -userprincipalname "testing3@domain.local" -UserPassword "plaintextpass" -City "City" -Email "" -SamAccountName "testing3" -DisplayName "Testing3"

Thanks for any help you can provide!


Switched to using native AD cmdlets and no more jibberish in the event log. Still not sure why the Quest cmdlets are pushing that value.