Sync virtual attribute values in side by side setup (6.9 -> 7.4)


we are running ARS 6.9 in our production environment and are heavily using virtual attributes. I've set up ARS 7.4 side by side a while ago to familiarize with the new version, imported the 6.9 configuration and MH and already configured some workflows, policies and websites in 7.4. Is there a way to sync the virtual attribute (value) changes that occurred in the meantime in 6.9 to 7.4 without re-importing the whole configuration?


  • Yes - you could setup a synchronization job / workflow step using the Active Roles Sync Service.

    Just establish a "Connection" using the Active Roles Connector type to each side (6.9  and 7.4) and then create an "Update" workflow step containing mapping rules for all of your VAs to push the values from your 6.9 instance to your 7.4 instance.

  • Perfect,

    thank you very much for the quick reply! We are currently using QC to import HR-data but I never thought of that... Big thanks!


  • There is a little more to it than that, unfortunately.

    One Active Roles Synchronization Service instance cannot directly connect to both ActiveRoles Server 6.9 and Active Roles 7.x. It will be necessary to install an Active Roles Synchronization Service node as a Remote node on a machine with the ActiveRoles Server 6.9 ADSI provider.

    This reference will be useful:

    Title: HOW TO: Create connections to two different versions of Active Roles
    Solution: 117014

  • So to be clear, this is about one instance of the ARSS Config and history DBs that uses TWO sync engines.  One of the sync engines (let's call it the "console" one) "sits on top of" the 7.4.x ADSI provider whilst the other, remote sync engine is installed with the 6.9 ADSI provider.  Is this summary correct?  'Just trying to make things clearer for our colleague asking the question. Slight smile

  • Thank you very much Gentlemen - this was really helpful!

    I didn't even know that a separate "Remote Connector Access Service" existed. Slight smile

    I installed it on the 7.4 server and configured a Quick Connect workflow on ARS 6.9 that uses the remote connector on 7.4. So far everything seems to be working properly. The objects were mapped using the objectGUID and I ran a test update from 6.9 to 7.4 without issues.

    Thanks again for the super-fast help - very much appreciated! I might have another question or two when I get to the hybrid-management configuration. Blush

    Have a good one!