Active Roles Web UI boolean value default to true

Is there a way in the ARS web ui to set a virtual attribute boolean value to a default?  I have a boolean VA on a web form that isn't populated.  Not all users are created by the sync service, so I need this attribute to default to true, regardless how a user was created.  I would prefer to have the value propagate when the form is opened (even if i have to use a scratch attrib not stored in the db, and retrieve that to put in the va that is stored in the db).

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  • is right, an ARS policy will catch all new users created in this OU and write the value to true.

    Indeed this is how I understood the requirement.  In the original post, the ask was to have this attribute set to TRUE regardless of how a user is created - including in the Web UI.  My interpretation of that was therefore that it should show as TRUE in the User Creation Wizard.  Updating the state of the property on existing objects is a different kettle of fish and as  indicated, could be accomplished with an Automation workflow.  It would contain a search activity and a property update activity - codeless!!!

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