Anomaly with forms edit properties


I am in version 7.4.3 with all the fixes.

I want to create a form to edit people in our AD with multiple tabs and dynamic lists. The anomaly is that when creating the form, I only have the choice to save and not next to go to the next tab. So dynamic lists cannot be functional. Do you have a solution to replace the save to next button or other ?

When creating a new employee, we have, depending on a certain field, a dynamic drop-down list that retrieves values ​​by clicking on the next button to move to another tab. All data is stored in an SQL database and retrieved by powershell script.
For example, we have a marketing drop-down list for the department and when you click on next, we find in the other tab the job title according to the marketing department.
For the transfer of a user, I would like to set up a user modification form, for this the HR department must enter the destination department in the new form but the list of job title remains empty because it does not update as for the creation of a new user.

Thank you for your comeback