New-QADUser Setting Password Issue


I need to create a large number of generic user accounts.

I created a really simple PowerShell script that does the following

  • Generates a random password.
  • Stores this password in our password manager by user.
  • Creates a new user account using New-QADUser.

When I was testing this by just creating a single account, outside of any sort of loop, it worked perfectly.

When I tried the same logic inside of a loop, everything works the same except for one step. The password in ARS/AD is wrong.

I use the following command to create the new user:

# Connect to ARS
$pw = read-host "Enter password" -AsSecureString

    Connect-QADService -service '<ARS Servere>' -proxy -ConnectionAccount '<User Name>' -ConnectionPassword $pw | Out-Null
    Write-Host "Learn how to type your password correctly"

# Import our password generation script to be used to generate paswords
Import-Module -DisableNameChecking <Password Generation Script>

# Import the list of work centers
$wcNumbers = Import-Csv -Path '<Path to User Details CSV>\wc_numbers.csv'

# Assign ticket associated to the creation of all of these accounts.
$ticket = "134986"

# Prepare for log collection
$logCollection = @()

# Function used to store password in password PasswordState
function storePassword
   # - This function accepts two parameters
       # - Title = Title of password in PasswordState
       # - Name = User name
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $false)]

    $pwd = Create-Password
    # PowerShell Request

    #JSON data for the object
    $jsonData = '
        "Title":"' + $title + '",
        "UserName":"' + $uName + '",
        "password":"' + $pwd + '",
    $passwordServiceUrl = '<blank>'
    $global:result = $null

        $global:result = Invoke-Restmethod -Method Post -Uri $passwordServiceUrl -ContentType "application/json" -Body $jsonData
        Write-Host $result
        $errorMessage = $_.Exception.Message
        if (Get-Member -InputObject $_.Exception -Name 'Response') {
            try {
                $result = $_.Exception.Response.GetResponseStream()
                $reader = New-Object System.IO.StreamReader($result)
                $reader.BaseStream.Position = 0
                $responseBody = $reader.ReadToEnd();
            } catch {
                throw "An error occurred while calling REST method at: $url. Error: $errorMessage. Cannot get more information."
        throw "An error occurred while calling REST method at: $url. Error: $errorMessage. Response body: $responseBody"


# Begin loop for work centers
ForEach ( $wc in $wcNumbers )

# Uncomment to test single account
#If ( $wc.WC_Number -eq "53" ) 
    # Figure out the location of the work center
    switch ( $wc.Location )
        "location1"  { $wcLocation = "local1" }
        "location2" { $wcLocation = "local2" }
        "location3"   { $wcLocation = "local3" }    

    # Generate account attributes
    $wcNewUserFirstName = ("Wc" + $wc.WC_Number + $wcLocation)
    $wcNewUserLastName = "User"
    $wcNewUserSamAccountName = $wcNewUserFirstName.ToLower() + "." + $wcNewUserLastName.ToLower()

    # Write something to terminal. Only for seeing progress.
    Write-Host "Working on $wcNewUserSamAccountName"
    # Generate unique password
    $pwd = Create-Password 
    # Store password and user in PasswordState
    storePassword -title "$wcNewUserFirstName $wcNewUserLastName" -uName "$wcNewUserSamAccountName" -pwd "$pwd"

    # Prepare parameters for the new user account creation
    $newQADUser = @{
        ParentContainer = "OU=someOU,DC=local,DC=domain"
        Name = "$firstname $lastname"
        userprincipalname = "$userprincipalname"
        UserPassword = "$pwd"
        Email = "$"
        SamAccountName = "$userSamAccount"
        DisplayName = "$firstname $lastname"
        Description = "Ticket #$ticket"
        FirstName = "$firstname"
        LastName = "$lastname"
    # Create user in ARS/AD
    New-QADUser @newQADUser
    Set-QADUser -Identity "$wcNewUserSamAccountName" -PasswordNeverExpires $TRUE
    # Collect some simple details about the process and dump to a CSV.
    $object = New-Object PSObject
    $object | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "User Name" -Value "$wcNewUserFirstName $wcNewUserLastName"
    $object | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "Work Center" -Value $wc.WC_Number
    $object | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "Location" -Value $wc.Location
    $logCollection += $object
#} Uncomment to test single account 

# Write to log file
$LogCollection | Export-Csv "<Path to log>\Accounts Created.csv" -NoTypeInformation

# Disconnect from ARS

The loop I have basically just brings in the information for the user accounts, and then loops through each user executing the code above. There is more to the script that isn't shown here, but it all works as intended. The user gets created in ARS/AD, but the password doesn't get set properly in ARS/AD.

If I take this same code, and hardcode the values, and execute it, the password is set properly.

The script doesn't output any errors and I know that the passwords that are being generated meet our password policies.

Any ideas on what I can do to try and understand why the password doesn't get set properly when this code exists in a loop?



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