Creating UPN Account depending on virtual attribute in User Creation Form

Hello fellows,

is it possible to create a specific UPN for users depending on a virtual attribute choosed in new user form.


virutal Attribute Country is chosen on first page in New User Form

Depending on that i want the UPN Prefix to be lastname.firstname-country@domain

is this possible and if yes, can you help me how?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Michael ()

    The quick answer to this is yes, however these are a couple of ways to do it.

    If there will always be a country code set against a user, then the simplest way would be to generate the UPN prefix, suffix and UPN using "Property Generation and Validation" rules

    In total I've created 3 PGV's, for edsaUPNPrefix, edsaUPNSuffix and userPrincipalName




    Creating from the Console (MMC)

    Where if I enter the below user details (and also move to the values to these properties screen, and add the 'c' value and move back to the first page of the wizard) it's generated the UPN as 

    Creating from the Web Interface (WI)

    When creating from the Web Interface the property 'c' is not listed by default, you would be required to add it to the create user form, like below:

    Creating a user similar to the one I created in the MMC, would show as below

    However this is by no means the only way of doing it. You could also use Change Workflows, Scripts and/or a combination of all of these. It all really depends on the use case, and where the people creating or updating these users will be doing it from (MMC, WI, Sync Services, PowerShell).