Antivirus exclusions for ARS

Hi all Our company policy is to have A/V software on all servers and I'm about to put it onto our ARS servers, but was just wondering if anyone knows of an exclusions list that's required to allow ARS to continue to function properly without A/V stopping things happening. We're already going to allow the ARS servers to send email via a policy script, but if anyone knows of a list of exclusions required, that'd be great. Thanks in advance John
  • I would advise to go with Windows Defender/Windows Security.   While it may not have the very lightest resource footprint, it is far from the heaviest.  It has also been in the top tier of security suites for several years running from multiple third-party testing evaluations. 

    I used to use several of the major 3rd party antivirus/security suite products including, at various times, McAfee,and Avast, and Panda Cloud [and for light footprint I'd go with Panda], but given how drastically Windows Defender/Security has improved since the introduction of Windows 10 I just don't see the point anymore.