Does Active Roles/O365 + QCOS + MSOL Connector work with native Exch mailbox move?

Hi all,

[Ivan or Wally - you guys out there?  You Patrons Saints of Migrations....]

I reviewed lots of docs, and posts trying to get answers.   I'm not finding info about how "mailbox move" is detected by AR/O365 as opposed to how it works  with AZ DirSync.

My customer wants AR/O365 to replace DirSync (working now pre-migration) and I need more info than what's in the AR/O365 prod docs.

I have a 26,000 object Hybrid environment almost deployed with all native tools.  ADFS + Azure DirSync + E2013 Hybrid Servers.  We're idling due to potential switch of dirsync methods.

We've let DirSync create the objects and we've played around with 5 MSOL portal-created mailboxes and see the GAL synched via Dirsync.

I just don't see what happens with native mailbox moves in an MSOL Hybrid... all talk is of provisioning only "new objects in O365".  Nothing about mailbox move and the "changes the obect goes through in the move" using native move tools anyway...

If we switch to Active Roles, I take it we need to:

1) Disable Dirsync, turn that off in the tenant for O365. (Objects stamped owned by AZ Dirsync left in situ?  Are the rights on the objects adjusted to allow MSOL to manage?)

2) Install AR 6.7 or 6.8, add the O365 add-on.  Configure Quick Sync Engine/Quick Connect Cloud Services/Microsoft Office365 Connector.

3) QUESTION:   Should we open a shell and delete all the objects AZ Dirsync made?   Or leave in place?

4) Configure AR/O365 to re-sync all the objects 

5) Wait for AR/O365 QCSyncEngine to synch to rebuild the GAL.   (Now these are MSOL manageable objects / also manageable by AR/O365)

QUESTION:  What mailbox move tools between the environemnts are supported at this point with AR/O365 as the synch engine?  What's supported?  Any detailed info on synch work to do at move time?

- with Native mailbox move tools

- with QMM / Exchange

Thanks for the help