Account Creation through ADUC

I have a few stubborn IT guys here who don't want to change their workflow and INSIST on using ADUC to provision new User Accounts.  Is there a way I can get ARS to run the provisioning rules "real-time" as they start to create a new user through the standard ADUC tool? 

I'd like them to be able to create a new user, fill in the first and last name, and ADUC to just fill in the Account names for them.  For some reason I can't get it working.

  • Basicly, ARS rules can't work in ADUC. ADUC just doesn't consider ARS rules

    But, ARS can handle user creation requested in ADUC. May be you need a script for that.

    An onPostCreate-script that handles DirSync and sets suitable attributes in newly created user account.

    Workflow looks like

    - enduser uses ADUC and creates a new user account

    - ARS catches the creation request (with the script)

    - ARS sets attribute values