Missing Printer and USB devices


We are using Vworkspace Apportal 7.2. We are encountering two issue and figured we would reach out to the community for advise.

1. We are using a network ricoh mp6001 with the PCL6 driver. Installed on the local thin client ( windows XPE ). Everything seems to work fine until the VDI is left at unattended without any activity for a couple hours. Once this happens the VDI looses the connection with the printer. To resolve this the user must disconnect from the vdi then re-connect and the printer will re-appear.

2. We have usb redirection enabled, but USB drives / devices will not show up on the vdi. In order to get usb devices to show in the vdi we have to enable "drive redirection" which causes a conflict due to us wanting to restrict the user from seeing the local drives from the thin client.

Any advise or direction would be greatly appreciated.