Is it possible through Quest to allow our Helpdesk to manage DHCP reservations?


  • Thats a real shame.

    I love this product but i am starting to see some area that its letting me down.

  • I would do this with a new virtual attribute callec something like virtIP which will hold ip of a selected object (workstation or server)

    Than use a script which could run on every change of this attribute and asign reservations . You can call this also from powershell:

    add reservedip ReservedIP MACAddress [ClientName] [ClientComment] [{DHCP | BOOTP | BOTH}]

    but before you should also declare dhcp server

    se here for reference on netsh dhcp : technet.microsoft.com/.../cc787375(WS.10).aspx

    In this way helpdesk can assign IP's to your computers via ARS Helpdesk site
  • Craig,

    Please don't allow missing canned components to force you to miss the big picture with ActiveRoles Server!

    I would argue that there is no product on the market today for AD management that is as flexible as ActiveRoles Server. It's OOTB purpose is to provide identity and access management for AD, not necessarily for network components such as DHCP, DNS and other services.

    However, (a BIG however) that doesn't stop a developer from building projects that can incorporate just about any of these AD-integrated services into their IAM solution.

    If you can programmatically manage a Windows service, it can be done via ActiveRoles Server as well. And with Powershell now integrated into the scripting engine, the possibilities are endless.

    Please take time to browse the wiki links to the left, the ARS SDK and this forum for a true picture of ActiveRoles Server's capabilities, and post all your questions here so we may assist you.

    Also feel free to message me if you want to chat offline.

  • Hello Wallacetech, to manage DHCP reservations you need to go for these following steps. Just go to My Dashboards > IP Addresses > Manage Subnets & IP Addresses and navigate to the subnet that has in the IP Address View. Now choose the IP address and press on the option that says Set Status. From here just set the status to Reserved. Then choose the kind of reservation and the DHCP Server to utilize in case it is applicable. Press the option that says Send Reservation to DHCP Server in case you need to make a real reservation on the DHCP scope dealing this subnet. At the end just press Make Reservation in IPAM only in case you just need to make the reservation in the IPAM database. I hope https://appuals.com/manage-dhcp-scopes/ will be helpful in this matter. I hope by following these steps you will be able to resolve the issue you are having.