• SQL Publisher/Subscriber mode

    Does anyone have any experience with running ARS in a distributed architecture? I'm currently testing a viable solution and have a few questions. 

    1) I have run into an issue with syncing the History database. Our lab history database is 50gb and…

  • Populate dropdown menus using an ARS policy


    I'm looking for a way to update an ARS policy via a schedule. 

    At the moment we populate dropdown menus in IAM Websites using onGetEffectivePolicy but it slows down accessing a user object (13 seconds to open). Adding the values to an ARS policy…

  • Workflow - How to set an attribute to the secondary owner's e-mail address of workflow target?

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know how I can set an attribute of my choice, to the e-mail address of the secondary owner of the workflow target? 

    So far, I have the following: 

    >>Operation execution: Create User; where secondary owner of workflow target is not…

  • Parameters to script and back


    I can't find any information about how to send parameter values from a workflow to a powershell script and back (after modifying them).

    What I already tried to pass parametervalues to a script:

    $testvar = $Workflow.Parameter("test")…

  • E-Mail alert for Group membership Changes


    I have Quest ARS 7 in infrastructure, whenever I am changing the AD group that time automatically E-mail alert needs to triggered for primary and secondary owner.

    How to achieve the requirement. 

    Please assist. 

  • Azure attributes usage slow down dramatically ARS 7.2.1 response time


    when i have followed  the "Configuring Azure in Active Roles 7.2 - Part 1 and 2" videos, ARS Synchronization slow down dramatically when i use ARS connectors based on users objects.

    I have made my own test and i have found that when i do query…

  • LAPS attribute not visible under "Access Templates" in Active Roles Console

    Hi all,

    I've added the LAPS attribute "ms-Mcs-AdmPwd" in the Web Interface, so that the local admin password is visible under computer object. That worked fine and the password is there.
    Now I've tried to restrict the visibility to the password…

  • Active Roles 7.2.1 and Collector public hotfix (KB 250838)

    Active Roles 7.2.1 public hotfix is now available on the Support portal (KB 250838).


    This hotfix package addresses several issues with Active Roles 7.2.1 and the Collector and Report pack.

  • How to install just the console (MMC) from a command line? in latest version 7.0 +



    is there a list of options, to install just the console or the management tools from a command line.  To install using msiexec during script 

  • After upgrading to ARS 7.2.1 some users are no longer able to be disabled.

    After upgrading to ARS 7.2.1 some users are no longer able to be disabled. The option is gone from the right click context menu for the user in the console. There is an option to deprovision, but not disable. I'm unable to figure out why. Two different…

  • Get-QADUser -IncludedProperties 'attribute' returning a different value than if using -IncludeAllProperties

    Hello all,


    I am having some trouble returning a value using Get-QADUser and the -IncludedProperties switch. It seems that there is a difference in the value returned if using the -IncludeAllProperties switch.

    In my example this is my difference:


  • O365 Distribution Group Sync to ARS

    I have a bunch of O365 Distribution Groups that I used to bring down into ARS via the sync tool.  The issue is whenever I add someone to the group it doesn't update in O365.  When I add someone to the managed by field it doesn't update the owner field…

  • ARS 7.2 and Skype for Business

    I have upgraded to ARS 7.2 and applied the "Skype for Business - User Management" policy.  I have specified the Skype servers, and selected the appropriate OU for the Policy Object scope. There are no Skype commands showing on user accounts. 

  • ARS 7.2 and O365 account passwords

    When creating an account in ActiveRoles and then creating that same account in the tenant, where is the password stored?  Is it also stored in the tenant?  If it is, what process updates that password if the synchronization service is not setup to sync…