• Unable to get Danish language web modification working


    I have an installation of Active Roles at one of our clients and the preferred language is in Danish in the web interface. Now we would like to change the label text on the deprovision command in the action pane to the right when selecting an individual…

  • Web interface force authentication

    Is it possible to force users to authenticate using a Username and password to login to any of the AR web interfaces

  • group membership approval workflow request question

    I am trying to setup the approval by primary owner workflow for group membership change. However, it didn't seem to work and I am hoping to get some help here. This is a new AR 7.4.3 setup without too much customization. 

    What I did

    Defined the primary…

  • Generating a unique CN and UPN Prefix

    I'm trying to write a script that will check the build the Uniqueness value of the cn attribute and then set the UPNPrefix (edsaUPNPrefix) attribute to the CN. I understand that the normal way is just to set a uniqueness value at the end of the SAM…

  • How to execute worfklow per operation?



    My goal is to limit the number of members added to a group, for example: I have a group with 4 members, and I set a limitation value of 5 (the value is set in extension attribute 1)

    I created a workflow with the operation: “add member to group…

  • Active Roles Synchronization workflow reports - created objects


    I have a Active Roles sync job that creates AD accounts in the workflow. I know there is a way to send a step handler to send email notification on the completion of the step. I need to be able to generate a report of all the accounts created in…

  • Update Virtual attribute value based on another Virtual attribute value change.


    I'm having a requirement, we created couple of Virtual attributes in Active Roles and if we change a value of VA1 and then dynamically update the value of VA2. 

    VA1 - Dropdown field

    VA2 - String field

    Do let me know if you need more information…

  • How can you specify an ARS control 'reason code' via SPML operation?

    I supposed this request applies to any task executed through SPML request.  I am looking to provide our help desk an easy way to mass delete workstations matching a specific stale/idle day range.

    Until an API is ready for primetime, I'm testing spml delete…

  • anyone use CURL.exe from Windows env to access ARS SPML ? seeing issue with auth

    I used a script to confirm availability of the SPML provider and operational status by returning attributes of an object from all 4 configured ARS  SPML hosts.

    Powershell query to return data works ... however the customer team uses VMWare Orchestration…

  • New-QADAzureConfigObject : Cannot resolve directory object for the given identity: 'CN=Azure Tenants,CN=Azure Configuration,CN=Azure,CN=Configuration'.


    In a customer environment, I just upgraded ARS to version 7.5 from 7.4.3 with the in-place upgrade method on a 2019 server. My next planned step was to add the Azure tenant in the Configuration Center but the login page turned up blank. I've tried…

  • Intermittent issue with backsync


    I replaced our Admin and Sync service account recently because the old one kept locking, and since then I've been having problems with the Backsync.  I've been able to set up mappings to Users, and a new connection.  The backsync appears to…

  • Permissions to Rename Domain joined Computer Objects


    We have enabled delegate access via  Active Roles for our service desk team.

    They have full control over all objects in AD however they are unable to rename domain joined computers due to permissions. 

    Does anyone know if there is a permission in ARS…

  • Active Roles Automation Workflow - how "onInit" trigger works ?


    we are using Automation workflow within Active roles to do some bulk updates. Workflow setup is very simple, it's only calling function from the powershell script library (ScriptLibraryWorkflowFunctions.ps1) and generating the Run history.


  • Web Admin Portal Data Validation


    We have created a VA and published it to a field on the web admin portal. 

    Additionally we have a policy that validates the length and format of that VA.

    {4 required [0-9]}

    The issue we are seeing is that if we browse to that VA via the web admin portal…

  • Error: The given key was not present in the dictionary


    I am trying to take the output of a VA, modify the format using a script and then setting a custom attribute based on the output of the script.

    I can get the script to run in PowerShell if i select the following:

    $mobile = "07702986412)

  • Modify VA format for AD


    We are trying to create a VA with a mobile number so that a workflow is triggered and sets the number in AD.

    The issue we face is the formatting of the number, see below:

    Original VA: 07702874158

    Transformed Value to set in AD: +44 7702 874158

  • Self Service Web Portal default to show objects owned by inheritance or secondary ownership


    I would like to know if it's possible to set a default value for all users so that the Active Roles 7.5 self service web portal page will automatically show objects owned by inheritance or secondary ownership. We found the checkbox and saw that it…

  • Workflow Search for Object Filter

    Have created a scheduled Workflow that searches for accounts that have the employeetype = contractor, and accountexpires > 90 days or accountexpires is empty.  When the workflow is run, it successfully finds the accounts that have accountexpires > 90…

  • Displaying multiple columns in Web Interface

    I have a script which queries a SQL table I created to add new users to a selected AD group on creation.

    The table originally had 1 column - AD Group Name, which returned all possible groups for the helpdesk to select from in a dropdown list in the web…

  • Is there a way to add/remove users from groups using csv file?

    I have a process to add/remove users from groups everyday.  I currently use Dovestone's AD Bulk Users.  It's cumbersome to manage and has limitations.   I'd rather use Active Roles instead if possible.

    I tried the Synchronization tool, but haven…

  • User Deprovisioning - Remove from all Azure Groups


    We're currently working on our user deprovisioning processes and have an issue I am hoping someone can help us with.

    We are currently in a hybrid model (on premise AD synced to Azure using AD Connect).

    The issue we face is that when a user leaves…

  • Workflow SavedObjectProperties for multiple results (users)


    I have a scheduled workflow that filters users based on a VA and then searches for users with this VA in a specific OU and then runs some PowerShell scripts for various things. 

    I've used both of the commands below but neither seems to work, so i guess…

  • Deprovision date via SPML


    We are in the process of setting up ARS and I have a deprovisioning question I hope you can help with, apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find an answer on my search.

    We currently deprovision users via a SPML request but…

  • Web Admin Colour scheme


    Does anyone know if its possible to change the colour scheme on ARWebAdmin so that we can change the default blue to our company colours? 

  • Pull a value out of policy or enforce a policy on one user.

    My goal is to look at the policy applied to an object and pull a value the policy would set.

    Specifically, I'd like to pull homePath and homeDirectory out of the Home Folder and AutoProvisioning Policy applied to a user object.

    This looks close to…