• deleted objects question

    Is there a column we can add in the gui to show which OU the object was deleted from when searching in the Deleted Objects container in Active Roles?

    We want to find all objects in the Deleted Objects container that were deleted from a specific OU and…

  • Managed unit not getting results, find with same criteria does.


    We have a virtual attribute which is a Date format and there is currently one user with a value in this.

    I have created an MU to get users where this attribute is over 60 days ago, but there are no results, either in Preview Rule or clicking the MU…

  • Workflow plicy not running


    We have a pilocy workflow which is due to run after a new user object is created, but it is not.

    The workflow is a simple one ot send an email, but it should only run when the "Custom Attribute 3" of the new user is set to "DCs".…

  • Query regarding script to recheck attribute using a workflow

    Hi everyone

    I'm hoping for some assistance with a script I'm working on.  I have a script that checks for a user having an Office licence which then sets a custom attribute edsvaRemoteMailboxCreation to true, which triggers another workflow to…

  • Active roles templates

    Hello everyone,

    We're a small flower delivery company in Austria. Using Active Roles in our setup, we're employing templates to assign permissions to Organizational Units in Active Directory.

    Is there a method to export these permissions from the…

  • Populate a multi-valued active roles sync

    Hello ARS Experts, I have a need to create a virtual multi-valued attribute and have it populated from a database. I use ARS Synchronization to sync some values already from this table but this new one I'm not sure if it is possible.

    The SQL column…

  • Can Active Roles access the Sponsor attribute in Azure?

    We're trying to figure out if it's possible to see/amend the sponsor attribute for Guest accounts in Azure, does anyone know if this is possible or is likely to become possible in the future?  

    We have people who request Guest accounts and the sponsor…

  • Deprovisioned user not deleting

    so every now and then  i end up with a deprovisioned user not deleting 

    the deletiondate has a value data set for when to delete, but it gets left behind in recycle bin, and i have to go and manually clean up

    what other options/permissions should i check…

  • same example scenario for workflow


    I am beginner for workflow in active role. can any one suggest any simple workflow example and steps that I can configured for testing to understand the workflow.


  • Cannot Find Virtual Attribute

    I've created a virtual attribute and associated it with the Group class.  Then customized the group properties form and tried to add that virtual attribute to the form but when I bring up the attributes, select show all possible attributes, the virtual…

  • Possible to run Powershell script in workflow with user rights, not AR service account rights?

    Is it possible to run a PS script module in a workflow but have it run as the user who started the workflow, not the AR service account?  

    In the "run-as" setting for the workflow,  we have it set to run as the user, not the AR service account…

  • get-qaduser stop on error

    When using 'get-qaduser samaccountname' if the samaccount name is not valid,  no error is thrown it just does not return anything

    Is there a way to make it return an error if the samaccountname is not valid?

  • is any Configuration transfer Wizard documentation available apart from administrative guide pdf


    if anyone has worked or experience on Configuration transfer Wizard  ,can provide the related links ,suggestion and guidelines .

    It would be great before build migration planning of ARS objects.


  • how to export the ARS objects in .arxml format so it imported in same file format.


    I tried to export some of object from Active role console .It is exported in txt file as option available in ARS,When Tried to import ,it will take .arxml format.

    How to export and import in same format .



  • best practices for using Configuration Transfer Wizard to migrate in new environment


    What are the best practices or steps to follow while using the Configuration Transfer Wizard and the Deployment Wizard?

    like what object should be moved first and what can be done in case of failure in the deployment phase..

    please share KB and related…

  • how to get Active Role software setup


    How I can get the Active Role server setups like other quest software are available for download.


  • Approvals are getting skipped all of a sudden

    We have several workflows setup that have approval steps in them.   A tech adds a user to a certain group, they get a pop up for justification, that gets emailed to manager and then they approve or reject the request.  This has worked great for over a year…

  • Workflow and get attributes than the changed attribute


    I have this script in a workflow where the trigger is changed attribute extensionattribute1 OR physicaldeliveryoffice. Thing is that When one of these attributes change, the worklow is launche but  the script only can get the changed attributte…

  • setting MFA during account creation


    Another custom script query following the one I had the other week.  We've got a script that switches on MFA to have SMS as the default but doesn't set a number.  We do this as a measure to prevent people who haven't had MFA set up having their…

  • how to migrate old environment to new environment

    Hello Experts,

    We have an old environment where below product is installled.

    Active Roles
    Change Auditor for Active Directory


    Recovery Manager for Active Directory

    Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition


    What is…

  • Findout dynamic group configuration

    Hi Guys,

    I need to extract a the configuration (query) of a group distribution group / security group.

    Can anyone help me to findout?

  • How to check if an account is licenced after backsync following update to 8.1.3


    I've recently updated to 8.1.3 and I'm having trouble with one of the custom scripts since it uses a newer version of powershell.  We have a hybrid setup and when we create users we aren't creating a mailbox.  Instead Exchange online is…

  • Need to get Deprovision Report sent to user who initiated the action or else be able to get record of changes made

    The Deprovision User has the ability to email a report to a user specified in the Policy.  I like the report that is generated and would like to be able to have it sent to the person initiating the deprovision so that they can attach it to the service…

  • Which permission triggers visibility of "Exchange Properties"


    because of a certain delegation I would need to make "Exchange Properties" visible to some user in ActiveRoles.

    However, I haven't found out which permission is actually triggering this visibility. In The Web Form it just says that it…

  • How to Rename 'Other Properties' Tab in Active Roles Console?


    I've made modifications to the properties window within the Active Roles Console and added a new tab named "other properties." Does anyone know how to rename this tab?

    For reference, I've been using this Knowledge Base article:…