• Restricting Commands with Access Rules/Access Templates?


    So I was looking for some feedback/suggestions on how to implement the following scenario: I have a command on the web interface that is associated with groups, however, I only ever want this command to show if the user is NOT a member of said…

  • Long Service Startup Times


    So curious to see if this has happened in other environments. We have three 2012 R2s servers each running their own ARS node that connects to one SQL database. They all work fine except when we have to reboot them for maintenance, one takes…

  • byRef objCommandContext Documentation?

    So, is there any documentation on what methods I can call on the byRef object used in the "isCommandAvailable.vbs" file? The only example I seem to find in the SDK is the   objCommandContext.DirectoryObject.Get("propertyName"), but I am interested…

  • Approval Pop Up

    Is there a way to edit the approval pop up window in the web interface? I don't really like the verbiage since it doesn't fit our use case. Or, better yet, is there a way to remove it entirely?

  • Active Roles Server Web Interface Needed File Extensions

    Hello All,

    I am using the Active Roles Server 7.3 in my environment and I was curious in which file extensions I would need IIS to allow in order to run the web interface? 

    (I am essentially trying to lock down security for IIS and I only want to allow…

  • Deprovision User - Unresponsive Popup on Web Interface


    So this question is related to this forum post:


    Where when our users are trying to deprovision another user on the web interface, the "Deprovisioning user xxxxx…