• Sync Service Sync DB PRIMARY Filegroup Auto-growth

    Is there a reason the PRIMARY filegroup for the ARS Sync Service Sync DB is by default set to no auto-growth? If I set that filegroup to auto-grow is that going to cause an issue?

    When running large database updates using ARS Sync Service it sometimes…

  • Sync servicenow with active roles cannot get certain attributes

    Good Morning.

    I am new to the forum and has been working for some time now in Active Roles although without more education that the little information that i can find in the web.

    We are trying to automatize certain tasks by synchronizing Servicenow and…

  • Sync Service workflow - $userCity = $srcObj["City"] Cannot index into a null array.

    Hi Team,

    We are facing issues to provision the users in the Active Directory Connector.

    Our object is, based on the User City Location the sync workflow should be move the user to resective City.

    We have created the OU structure as mentioned in the "…

  • Undelete user object from Recycle bin


    First of all, can we undelete the users from recycle bin to actual OU's using any process like Sync Service, workflow, PS script etc, or let me know any othe process to do the process.

    I've a requirement to undelete the user object from the…

  • Step Handlers - Synchronization Service

    Does anyone know how to use step handlers? The documentation barely even talks about them and no examples are given.

    I would like to take data from srcobj or dstobj and perform actions pre or post run. Is this not doable. In what forms are step handlers…

  • Quickconnect Deprovision from DB2 Table to Active Roles

    Source System: DB2 Table

    Destination: Active Roles Server

    I have the synchronization service read data from a table. This table is formed by user submission to deprovision accounts. From the sync server, I send a deprovision job over to Active Roles…

  • Synchronisation Service SDK/APIs


    While I realise that the bona fide Quick Connect SDK was "delisted" (the CHM help file removed) way back in QC v5.4, the SDK libraries are still present, available, and are updated (e.g., the class library is called ActiveRoles.SyncService…

  • New Installation - SyncService - Existing Database

    Hello, we started to use ARS two weeks ago. We had no problem to install the Admin Service. Now I've tried to setup the SyncService and our Database guys already create an empty database for that. But during installation I get the following error:…

  • Synchronization Service - Step Handlers


    We just recently implemented the Active Roles Synchronization Service in our organization to aid in employee onboarding.

    I am wondering what the "Step Handlers" can be used for? The documentation says the following:

    "Sync workflow…

  • Is there a way to successfully update the MemberOf field using Synchronization Service?

    We would like to use Synch Service to update user's group membership from a SQL DB, instead of manually adding groups. We get the below message and found a KB article that says to create a virtual attribute for each group, but this workflow will apply…

  • 7.1 SyncService Azure Connector - delta mode and authentication_expiredToken


    its again me regarding the Azure Connector after getting some experiances.


    My first question concerns the delta mode when reading AzureAD. This option is mentioned as supported within the Admin Guid but also in the AzureADConnector_ConnectorConfig…

  • 7.1 SyncEngine - Office 365 Connector - LicensePlanService and its ObjectID

    Hi all,

    I wonder to what the ObjectID in a LicensePlanService object is referring too.

    I compared this ObjectID with what I can see in AccountSkuID, SkuID and even AccountObjectID but can not find this GUID anywhere when checking my tenant.


    Thanks in…

  • 7.1 SyncService AzureADConnector - Graph API version and hidden propeties

    Hi all,


    the 7.1 releas notes state the Graph API Version 2013-04-05 but when checking the AzureADConnector.config I see the Version 2013-11-08 is being used.

    That raises the question If I could change the config and use 1.6 instead.


    Furthemore this config…

  • How to push a boolean FALSE in forward sync rule


    I want to push a boolean FALSE in a Forward Sync Rule in Active Roles Synchronisation Service?

    I tried sync new User from a SQL Database to Active Roles. At the sync process I have to fill edsaPasswordNeverExpire with false, because there is a policy…