• workflow trigger not an Active Roles operation


    I'm using Active Roles 7.5 and I'm looking for assistance on creating a workflow (on demand or automated) where the trigger isn't initiated within an Active Roles operation.  We have our computers sorted into Operating system and type…

  • Get-QARSOperation not working in Prod OnPostUndelete Event


    I'm unable to run the 'Get-QARSOperation' cmdlet in production active roles console in the onpostundelete event. Do I need to do anything before run the cmdlet.

    But I'm able to run same in Powershell command prompt and Powershell ISE…

  • How to change one common attribute for multiples groups using csv.

    How to change one common attribute for multiples groups using csv.

    i have around 2000+ groups which need to have a attribute updated. How can we achieve this.

  • Update Virtual attribute value based on another Virtual attribute value change.


    I'm having a requirement, we created couple of Virtual attributes in Active Roles and if we change a value of VA1 and then dynamically update the value of VA2. 

    VA1 - Dropdown field

    VA2 - String field

    Do let me know if you need more information…

  • $Request Output

    I would like to create some Windows Events for our Powershell Scripts.

    One event we would like to create is when creating an AD object. Idea would be to create an event in onpostcreate. For this I would like to output the $Request in general if all infos…

  • SMTP relay-Script

    Hi ,

    We are using  script in Active roles to send emails to the users. currently the script uses a username and a password to connect to exchange office365 as per below, we would like to use SMTP relay  to modify the below script , can you please let me…

  • Setting Kerberos delegation on AD user account from Linux via Active Roles


    I am wondering if anyone has a solution or ideas on how to use Active Roles to set values for msds-AllowedToDelegateTo attributes (used in Kerberos Delegations ) for an 3rd party application's Active Directory Service account - setting the values…

  • Uncheck and Disable 'Creation of Mailbox' option in Contact creation wizard


    I'm have tried below script in policy to uncheck and disable 'Create a mailbox' option in the contact creation wizard but its not reflecting on the screen.

    function onGetEffectivePolicy($Request)
    if($Request.Class -ne "contact"){return…

  • How to capture 'Operation Reason' before unchecking ‘edsvaUserMustChangePasswordAtNextLogon’ option from ARS Web interface

    I am looking to enable a text field prompt in order to capture the 'reason' whenever helpdesk folks unchecks the ‘edsvaUserMustChangePasswordAtNextLogon’ option for a user from ARS Web interface.

    I found https://support.oneidentity.com…

  • Auto Generate a password in a script


    I need to generate a password for a user in a policy script.  I'd like the password to be compliant with the password policy I've already setup in ARS, and which is generated if I use the New User wizard from the ARS MMC console.  I don't…

  • need help to list users with second owner in a csv file


    My Problem is, i have to list all Users in a specified OU, with entries in the Second Owner field.

    How i can do this and export in a CSV File?

    Would be great if someone could help.

    Thanks and best regard


  • Working with the proxyAddresses Attribute


    Just wanted to share my recent experience with working with the proxyAddresses attribute.

    Disclaimer: I am definitely not an expert with PowerShell and I mainly just script to the point of what works for me. I just wanted to compile my experience…

  • Workflow Script dependencies


    i wrote a custom script for computer to add them to sccm.

    The commands work fine (add Computer to SCCM and to an OSD Collection) i just have trouble as i'm getting a timeout in the gui while create the object because i takes some time to get an Device…

  • Possible to add a reason / justification for a request / workflow using PowerShell and Add-QADGroupMember?

    Hello all,

    Recently, we have implemented Workflows into ARS and I am trying to make sure that I can still automate certain processes. Currently, I am working with a security group that has a workflow implemented which sends an email to an approver which…

  • whenever a new user is being created and added to a particular AD group it should auto send mail

    whenever a new user is being created and added to a particular AD group it should auto send mail...

    ARS v7.2.0 

    AD is 2008 R2

    Exchange 2007

  • Powershell Add to group based on user attribute

    I'm writing my user create policy.  I'm going to set the office attribute to be a mandatory value.  In the policy I am going to include runs script.  Can someone help me with the first script.  If office attribute contains x, add to group X, if office…

  • ARS PowerShell script to "Move" users from one group to another.

    I have a .csv with 2 columns. Column 1 is called SourceGroup with a list of groups, and the other is DestinationGroup with a different list. I have a script I am trying to use that will Add the users from SourceGroup to the DestinationGroup, after the…

  • Change/replace SIP address from the edsvaOffice365-UserID field

    Ill start off by saying I am a complete novice

    I would like to change user SIP address with the field edsvaOffice365-UserID

    Id also like to be able to update this by OU if possible

    I am using Quest Commandlet to pull this information. Get-QADUser -SearchRoot…

  • Need to find out all attributed modified in function onPreModify

    Hi all!

    I need to dynamically find all attributes modified in function onPreModify($Request).

    I do NOT want to something like:

    function onPreModify($Request)


    if ((IsAttributeModified "edsva_myattribute" $Request) -eq $true)

                #do something…

  • Need a way to not delete an account that is marked for litigation hold

    Hello Community,


    I'm trying to find a way that i can incorporate into my standard Deprovision Policy explained below.

    Corp deprovisioning policy for users.
    Disable Account
    Sets Password Random
    Group membership – Remove!
    Exchange Mailbox – disable…

  • Updating EDS_CONTROL_OBJECT_DN Not Working - ARS 7

    I've created a workstation deprovisioning policy, this policy changes properties, disabled and moves a workstation to a deprovisioned OU. This isn't a form policy, it's an attribute setter command. It flips a boolean to true which kicks off the policy…

  • Using Quest Commandlets in onPostGet Function (Looping & Crashing ActiveRoles Service)

    I implemented a new script to our system yesterday that uses onPostGet to retrieve information and show information on a form after it loads. I have traced it down to running QAD commandlets in the onPostGet function. This leads to errors like:


  • Customized workflow approval process

    Good day to all..

    We got a request from the customer saying.. If a user added to a specific group, workflow trigger a approvals mail to user's manager.

    We selected "Manager of person being added or removed from a Target group", in "Approvers…

  • Use ARS and/or powershell to create groups - nested & add members automatically?

    We use the lousy nested structure for shared folder ntfs permissions where a domain local group contains a universal which contains a global and the global has the users.  I want to find a way to create the 3 groups required when a new folder is setup…

  • Searching and exporting account information from Active Directory

    I would like to do the following with AD accounts:

    Export the following fields from Active Directory to an Excel sheet with the appropriate headers:

    Under AD Account's General Tab: First Name, Last name, Display Name, Description, Office, Telephone Number…