• Prompt for value during user deprovision


    While deprovisioning user object I would like to prompt to enter custom virtual attribute value.

    Can anyone please let me know how can it will achieved, do I've to do any level customization Active Roles Console for prompting or any policy helps…

  • How to Copy user and create in different Domain with workflow[ or policy.

    Our ARS manages both Dev and Prod. We get requests for users to be created in Dev domain which has to have the same FirstName,LastName,SamAccountName and a few other attributes as PROD. How would I create a process for Admins to search the Prod user name…

  • Policies Managed By for Group

    Hello all,

    Has anyone put in a policy to restrict a group from being used on the managed by for a group?

    We have a certain set of groups that require to be managed by a user only.

    Tried validation policy on the 'ManagedBy' must not be %<objectClass>group…

  • Override Policies when changing last name

    We have several policies in place when creating a user object.

    Now if someone tries to change the lastname of such a user (mostly due to marriage), we get the error that it is not possible to do so due to a conflict with several policies.

    Is it possible…

  • Need a way to not delete an account that is marked for litigation hold

    Hello Community,


    I'm trying to find a way that i can incorporate into my standard Deprovision Policy explained below.

    Corp deprovisioning policy for users.
    Disable Account
    Sets Password Random
    Group membership – Remove!
    Exchange Mailbox – disable…