• Restricting Commands with Access Rules/Access Templates?


    So I was looking for some feedback/suggestions on how to implement the following scenario: I have a command on the web interface that is associated with groups, however, I only ever want this command to show if the user is NOT a member of said…

  • byRef objCommandContext Documentation?

    So, is there any documentation on what methods I can call on the byRef object used in the "isCommandAvailable.vbs" file? The only example I seem to find in the SDK is the   objCommandContext.DirectoryObject.Get("propertyName"), but I am interested…

  • Approval Pop Up

    Is there a way to edit the approval pop up window in the web interface? I don't really like the verbiage since it doesn't fit our use case. Or, better yet, is there a way to remove it entirely?

  • Active Roles Server Web Interface Needed File Extensions

    Hello All,

    I am using the Active Roles Server 7.3 in my environment and I was curious in which file extensions I would need IIS to allow in order to run the web interface? 

    (I am essentially trying to lock down security for IIS and I only want to allow…

  • Deprovision User - Unresponsive Popup on Web Interface


    So this question is related to this forum post:


    Where when our users are trying to deprovision another user on the web interface, the "Deprovisioning user xxxxx…