Introducing Active Roles 7.1 – The Management and Security Solution for Hybrid AD

Over the past couple of years Azure Active Directory and Office 365 have been quietly and steadily gaining ground within our businesses. While many administrators have been busy managing their environments, the level of effort involved in their daily management is increasing steadily.  This extra burden has been insidious, and suddenly our AD Administrators are recognising that O365 has now become a critical part of the business.  Because Office 365 means Azure AD, both must be managed together alongside all the existing directory infrastructure.

Administration of a hybrid environment is not straightforward, involving a disparate set of tooling, consoles and often complex scripting to achieve any level of coherent management.

One Identity Active Roles has always delivered on the goal of a single, coherent management solution for Active Directory and associated systems, and now with the introduction of native support for hybrid Active Directory in Active Roles 7.1 the same goal is being extended to Azure AD and Office 365, making the management of your hybrid environment seamless.

The Active Roles Service has been enhanced and extended to provide support for Azure AD at the lowest levels, with the addition of a new component, the Azure Service Provider.  By implementing connection to the cloud at these lowest levels, we facilitate the maximum possible support for the full spectrum of the Active Roles feature stack both in this release and going forward. 

To learn how Active Roles will work in your environment download the free trial of version 7.1 here. Also, we have a new eBook that talks about the challenges of managing and securing the hybrid AD environment.

 cloud graphic hybrid identity management

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