Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence updates:

New classification rules:  These rules process the data and identify additional high impact accounts.  The three existing rules looked at Active Roles and identified accounts with Active Roles administrative-level access.  The new rules look at elevated task that can be performed on your Active Directory through Active Roles.  For example they look for accounts with entitlements that permit tasks like creating domain accounts, deleting domain accounts, resetting passwords and more.  As new rules are added they will continue to help identify more areas of elevated or risky access.  You can find these on the Rules page in the admin console.

Updates to the alerting service:  As entitlement grants are collected and filtered thru classification rules, alerting helps draw attention to which accounts have high risk entitlements.  With the latest updates you can view the history and status of alerts in the new Notification Center.

Platform Updates:
Status Page: We’ve added a service disruption feature so all Starling users can get in the habit of checking this status if they experience a disruption with any Starling service.  After logging in, the notification, displayed in the top right hand navigation, dynamically changes as service disruptions are identified.  If you are unable to access the Starling site you can check the external site at to see if issues are local to you or site wide. 
Home Realm Discovery (HRD):  When you authenticate to Starling you present your email address and Starling automatically detects where to go next.  If your company has an Azure AD tenant, you will be able to authenticate with your work credentials.  Otherwise you can complete sign-up by creating and using a personal Starling account. 
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