Continuous governance provides a comprehensive strategy across your entire organization

In our previous blog, we touched on how your current identity governance access review processes and workflows may be a major factor in spreading identity fatigue across your organization. In this blog, let’s talk about how you can extend your identity governance far beyond identities and entitlements to protect/secure privileged access, applications, cloud infrastructure and all your critical data.

Now, what if you could take your organization’s governance of identities and access rights of users and extend it to protect privileged access, applications, cloud infrastructure and data? What if you had an entire identity governance framework under which you could integrate and manage all your systems? You could extend a comprehensive and efficient identity governance strategy across your entire organization.

Applying identity governance across your enterprise begins with the basics and the foundation upon which the rest of your identity security strategy is built. This will bring efficiency and compliance to your organization. Continuous governance can be applied to privileged access, applications, the cloud and data.

One Identity Manager is built to deliver that kind of continuous identity governance. Enterprises have started out using One Identity for governance around user identities and base entitlements, then capitalized on the framework for protection and compliance in resources companywide.

The IT security landscape has been siloed, leaving coverage gaps in the landscape of security and compliance. Continuous governance offers insight into and centralized management of the proper allocation of access rights to resources, regardless of the type of resource or where it resides.

Continuous governance allows business managers to create consistent policies and rules. It embodies the processes of access requests and approvals and supports on-demand and scheduled recertification campaigns. It enables administrators to use historical and baseline data and analytics to dial in resource configuration. For compliance, it lets internal and external auditors know that the organization adheres to policies and regulations.

It's time look at ways to improve the identity governance processes. Check out our ebook Continuous Governance to secure your enterprise to learn how.

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