Holistic SAP governance through enterprise environment integration

Vertical risk management and complete identity governance can only be achieved through the integration of critical platforms with other systems and applications in use and by either integrating existing point solutions or reducing their number altogether. Integration of an identity platform with SAP is one of those major challenges for many organizations today.

One Identity’s approach to this challenge is through a unifying, standard integration into SAP, as well as other systems and applications, to establish a common GRC framework and security concept, which includes preventing isolated environments. To establish SAP internal governance and minimize risk within the platform’s privilege landscape, most organizations use specialized embedded tools, Integrating the identity management platform with the SAP ruleset administration allows SAP rulesets to be applied directly, run SoD analysis fast and efficiently and extend them to other systems and applications, such as Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD. The potential value of this approach is significant as it allows a preventive risk assessment throughout the whole SAP stack.

This integrative approach also extends to the SAP Firefighter concept for it to be applied to the rulesets and extend these into other systems. The objective is clear: Simplify risk assessment and management, establish a unified identity administration framework and reduce cost.

In short – it lays the foundation and framework for solid governance.

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