Starling Connect:

Connectors:   BaseCRM, and StatusPage Users/Groups management connector is available in this release.  WorkBooks, DocuSign and ShareFile connectors are currently in development, and will be available soon.


Starling 2FA:

Radius Agent: The latest version of the RADIUS agent (v7.0) is available in this release.  This version has an updated user interface and a number of updated configuration settings.  See the release notes for full details


Starling Governance Access Certification (TECH PREVIEW):

This release includes the tech preview for a brand new Starling solution.  The tech preview delivers a way to provide attestation of the privileged access granted by your Safeguard deployment.  Once the tech preview completes, Safeguard customers can continue using these services by purchasing the One Identity Hybrid Subscription.    Further out on the roadmap, Starling Governance Access Certification will be enhanced with more features and more platform support and at that point will be made available as a stand-alone subscription solution.

Requirements and Documentation:  Please review the documentation for further information on getting started with Starling Governance Access Certification with Safeguard: Online Documentation

Date Import:   With this initial tech preview, you can import Safeguard data via the CSV import feature.   The relevant group, account, entitlement, and identity data can all be exported out of Safeguard and imported into Starling.  The documentation (linked above) discusses the set of Safeguard PowerShell cmdlets available for data export tasks and how to import the CSV data into Starling

Campaign Support:  Once the Safeguard data is imported, it is possible to create an access certification campaign.  The initial tech preview creates a campaign based on the full set of imported data. Future enhancements will make it possible to scope (filter) campaigns to a sub-set of the data.  The campaign creation process supports basic features like specifying what Safeguard access should be attested to, the campaign settings, and a campaign preview to validate all data and settings.

Attestation: Once a campaign is launched, email invites are sent out to all the people required to participate in the attestation phase.   For example, managers and/or resource owners will be asked to review a list of privileged Safeguard access and approve/deny (attest) if this access is still needed.  As invitees respond to attestation requests, the system centrally collects and tracks results.

Tech Preview:  This functionality is provided as a public tech preview.  As an initial release only, there is a large roadmap of future enhancements already scheduled.  Updates are currently scheduled for every two weeks.  An example of planned enhancements include:

  • Platforms and Connectors: To expand beyond Safeguard and provide connectors for automatic data collection
  • Remediation: to take possible action when access is denied
  • Reporting:  Full campaign results and partial sorting/filtering results
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