New Starling Region Support

European Union:  The new EU datacenter goes live this release.  When creating a new Starling tenant, there is a new region available in the region selector (EU).  The initial Starling service that is available in the EU region is Starling Connect.  For those wanting more information about our data privacy policies, please visit our GDPR Headquarters at

Starling Governance Access Certification (TECH PREVIEW):

Collaborators view:  The collaborators view added support for the "approver" role.  Those starling users with "approver" access are now visible and can be managed from the Collaborators view.  In general, the collaborators view allows those with administrative access to see and manage users with access to their tenant

Safeguard CSV Generation:  A new Powershell cmdlet is available that simplifies the generation of Safeguard data for an Access Certification campaign.  Now, a single cmdlet makes it possible to generate all relevant data as CSV output.  The CSV files are supported by Starling Access Certification and once the data is imported, it is possible to build and run cloud-based attestation campaigns for privileged Safeguard access.

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