One Identity UNITE Deep Dives

While crafting your unique schedule for One Identity UNITE 2023 in Madrid, you may wonder, “What are Deep Dive sessions? Should I attend them? What will I learn?” Well, you’ve come to the right place to find answers.

What are UNITE Deep Dives?

The UNITE Deep Dive sessions are just that: Sessions that dive deeper into the technical aspects of One Identity solutions and identity security topics. Deep Dives span across the Identity Governance & Administration (IGA), Active Directory Management (ADMgmt), Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Access Management (AM) learning tracks. Here are a few of the topics you can learn about at One Identity UNITE 2023 - Madrid:

  • IGA: Identity Manager Deployed on Azure, Behavior-Driven Governance, Beginner Guide to Identity Manager Angular Portal Customizations
  • ADMgmt: How Active Roles Helps Customers Secure and Manage Their Active Directory Forests, Just-In-Time Privilege for Safeguard and Active Roles
  • PAM: Starling Connect for Safeguard Assets, Safeguard and Azure: From Managing Accounts to Single Sign-On
  • AM: Enhancing Authentication Flows Through SmartHooks, Beyond HR-Driven Identity

Who should attend UNITE Deep Dives?

Deep Dive sessions are open to anyone who’d like to learn about the categories listed above in a more technical setting.

Why attend UNITE Deep Dives?

For starters, you get all the information above for free (they’re included in your registration fee, so why not take advantage of the extra information?) AND you’ll earn CPE credits for every Deep Dive session you attend. Plus, the UNITE Deep Dives take place on Thursday and Friday, 21-22 September. So, if you’re looking for an excuse to stay in Madrid longer, maybe even the whole weekend, here’s your excuse! (And you’ll get a free t-shirt we designed ourselves.)

If you’re going to sign up for UNITE Deep Dives, do it quick; each session has a limited capacity. We can’t wait to see you in Madrid 18-22 September for One Identity UNITE 2023!

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