What a year it has been, thanks to you, our partners. Since becoming an independent brand, One Identity has seen incredible growth in our Partner Circle Program. That growth is not just in the volume of sales (always important) by partner members – a 44-per cent increase in EMEA – but also in membership and the number of technical certifications achieved. Globally, we’ve had nearly 100 partners earn One Identity accreditations, with 23 of those partners achieving “Plus” technical certifications.

Critical to One Identity’s go-to-market approach is cultivating a community of partners who have develop strong professional service practices based on our solution offerings. We need partners who have trained and are certified practitioners, and share our passion for customer success. For those partners who make the investment in developing a practice and meet our standards for technical competency, we award them the Plus designation in their status level. Partners with the Plus designation are recognized as delivery experts and are promoted externally as a preferred delivery partner.

What is it about the One Identity Partner Circle Program that inspires so many high-quality partners to invest their time and money – and should you strive to join?

See our recent news release for details about the tremendous momentum that the program has experienced in its first year. You may also notice a small mention about yours truly in the news release but, again, that recognition isn’t possible without partner collaboration and support to make a humble chap like me look good. But, enough about that.

So should you pursue becoming a One Identity Partner Circle member? Yes.

If you care about the long-term security and well-being of your clients, staying ahead of the curve on identity and access management solutions, and desire to maintain a world-class level of technical knowledge and capabilities, then yes, of course, you should definitely join.

See our news release as well as check out our Partner Portal to see the resources and services that our partners can easily access.

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