Upcoming webcast: Reduce the Burden Of Managing SAP With Enterprise Identity Management

May 23, 2019

1 PM ET 

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Implementing Identity and Access Management universally across multiple IT infrastructures and software platforms is a major challenge for any organization. IAM implementation is no longer about promoting efficiency during an onboarding process, rather it’s more about managing roles, ensuring compliance, and promoting security.  To do their daily job successfully, users today expect to get access to information they need from anywhere at any time, regardless of the target system or application. IT departments are struggling to make this access frictionless for users yet maintain compliance with corporate and government-imposed security and privacy regulations. This task is even more complicated if business-critical platforms like SAP are involved – not only SAP has its own security and access governance requirements, it is usually managed by a completely separate team from the one responsible for enterprise-wide IAM program.  In this webinar, we will cover the challenges of managing SAP environments in silos, and how One Identity can help overcomes these challenges, and reduce the burden of managing SAP.

You will learn how One Identity Manager:

  • Provides a unified view and enterprise management of SAP accounts on different systems, as well as the rest of the enterprise
  • Associates an SAP account with standard user corporate identity, bringing everything under governance 
  • Scales to hundreds-of-millions of SAP objects 
  • Provides SAP-optimized SoD verification and enforcement 
  • Delivers SAP-specialized workflows and business logic within enterprise governance
  • Integrates with SAP cloud applications through One Identity Starling Connect


Alex Binotto, Senior Product Manager, One Identity 

Cengiz Tuztas, Senior Solutions Architect for Identity and Access Management, One Identity

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