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One Identity UNITE, San Diego 2024

“We’re going to need a bigger boat…”

This iconic quote comes from my boss’s favourite film, Jaws.  For us at One Identity, it has two distinct meanings: one literal and one metaphorical.

Let’s deal with the metaphorical first.  One Identity UNITE has been the cornerstone of our customer and partner calendar for many years now. It’s where people meet to learn, share experiences, network and have a bit of fun along the way.  All of this, wrapped up with a strong cybersecurity theme, which this year is: “There is no grey in cybersecurity, pick a side." You are either actively working against hackers, or you are inadvertently working for them.  Complacency, doing nothing, keeping the status quo, these are all key challenges for any corporation and they all assist hackers getting into the network and causing untold damage.  We all need to get onboard the boat and define strong cybersecurity policies, backed up by world-leading software and effective education.  When we stand together, we are better. 

The more literal meaning to the Jaws quote?  Those who attended the UNITE conference in Miami were part of a catamaran cruise through the bay, treated to a sumptuous dinner and copious drinks.  But we maxed out the space!  San Diego is going to be bigger, but what boat can we possibly have that is bigger?  Well firstly, let’s say “ship”, not boat.  We’re going to have our conference party on the flight deck of the USS Midway, the aircraft carrier moored in San Diego Bay.  That should be big enough…let me count again just in case.

Before I sign off, I started this blog with a quote.  Did you know that it was actually a misquote?  No?  Well, it is, I can assure you.  The actual line is even better, as more and more cybersecurity experts gather to help the constant battle.  We have all picked a side. So, the real line is, “you’re going to need a bigger boat”.  You are going to and we’re providing it - we are many and we are UNITEd.

See you in San Diego. Peace.

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