Locking Down Privileged Access Management Right

Years ago, a premier global hotels and resort company started down the privileged access management (PAM) path. They selected the most popular password vault from a leading identity security and access management company (let’s call them Company X) and began their journey to better security and management of their privileged accounts and administrator access. Password vaulting was only the first step, though. It soon became evident that privileged access management for their passwords alone wouldn’t cut it. Consequently, the hospitality company started a project to augment their password vaulting solution with the ability to monitor and audit privileged sessions.

A thorough review of options eliminated Company X’s session audit option because it was too cumbersome, not flexible enough, and required too many changes to the way administrators work. For privileged session audit, the company selected One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions. One Identity seamlessly provided all the benefits the hotel giant was looking for with none of the obstacles the proprietary Company X solution demanded.

The company’s PAM program proceeded smoothly from there until 2020 threw a curveball. Suddenly, many of the company’s properties were forced to close. Employees who had previously administrated critical computer systems on-premise now worked remotely.

As a result, building on the strength of Safeguard for Privileged Sessions, the company replaced its expensive, complex and obstructive Company X solution with One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords. Now, the hospitality giant has an effective, expansive, unobtrusive and flexible PAM program that can deal with the changes brought on by the pandemic, as well as whatever the future holds – planned for or unforeseen.

Read the complete story here: https://www.oneidentity.com/casestudy/leading-global-hospitality-company-boosts-it-security-with-privileged-8149643/

And check out Safeguard for yourself at https://www.oneidentity.com/solutions/privileged-access-management/.

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